Photos for 16 Jun 2013

And It Was Like…. Magic - Imogen Cobweb

Ah, Tom. And what on earth has Meg Ryan done to her lips since then?! Softly irridescent semi solid; mauve overshot with lavender and slate
Imogen Cobweb - And It Was Like…. Magic

But I Don't Like Sensible Shoes - Amelie Cobweb

Silly shoes and red lipstick, that's the spirit for me. Vibrant semi solid; ruby, pillarbox red
Amelie Cobweb - But I Don't Like Sensible Shoes

Carnival Spirit - Jeannie Sock

I'm talking Notting Hill carnival, not cruise ship carnival. Vibrant semi solid; soft cerise, faded raspberry, sorry, this one is really hard to put in words. A soft but bright but faded but intense pink with a dash of red!!
Jeannie Sock - Carnival Spirit

Carry Me Home - Audrey Sock

On your shoulders. Glowing semi solid; bronze going into dull gold, leaf green going into sage
Audrey Sock - Carry Me Home

Cloud Castles - Olivia Lace

The best kind of castle. Dreamy semi solid; platinum, palest possible pink, a whisper of lavender
Olivia Lace - Cloud Castles

Dark City Night - Jeannie Sock

City in blackout, that is. Intense and very subtle variegated; navy, bottle green, darkest possible purple, sooty black
Jeannie Sock - Dark City Night

Ends & Beginnings - Gretchen Lace

Sad and happy. Intense semi solid; teal, sapphire, the green of deep water, peacock blue
Gretchen Lace - Ends & Beginnings



Flirting Is A Lost Art - Audrey Sock

It died out with fans, if you ask me. Not ceiling fans, ballroom fans. You know what I mean. Subtle & complex variegated; amethyst, plum, taupe, dusky pink, dark khaki, mid brown, a little hint of black. This is a really unusual one, I don't think Tony has ever done one quite like it before.
Audrey Sock - Flirting Is A Lost Art

Float Above The Trees - Miranda Heavy Lace

Up in the blue, blue sky. Vibrant semi solid; cobalt, azure
Miranda Heavy Lace - Float Above The Trees

Gone To Brighton - Martha Sock

On a day trip. Did you remember to pack the sandwiches? Vibrant and very subtlly variegated; sapphire, azure, cobalt, French navy, little hints of kingfisher, teal, and purple (photo fail! please go by the description, this really wouldn't cooperate with the camera)
Martha Sock - Gone To Brighton

Hit The Ground Running - Diana Lace

For days when life is Full On. Vivid semi solid; teal, kingfisher blue, deep cool jade, slate, bottle green (I couldn't get the vibrance or the green shades to properly show up in the photo, sorry)
Diana Lace - Hit The Ground Running

I Am Not Like You, I Am Like Me - Audrey Lace

A truth of life. And thank heaven for it, what a dull world otherwise. Soothing semi solid (or very subtly variegated, I can't decide); fawn, sage, blush pink, beige, pale gold, all very soft and subtle
Audrey Lace - I Am Not Like You, I Am Like Me

I Found A Feather - Olivia Sock

Is it a message from the Land of Birds? Muted semi solid; khaki, silvery sage, smoke grey
Olivia Sock - I Found A Feather

In The Eye Of The Storm - Jeannie Sock

It's said to be a place of tranquility. I have my doubts. Gloomy semi solid; charcoal, smoke grey, all with a smidgeon of dirty green (very subtle)
Jeannie Sock - In The Eye Of The Storm

I Want A Cool Middle Name - Marianne DK

Something unusual & mysterious, like Callista or Tallulah. Instead, I got Anne. Brooding semi solid; blackcurrant, black, damson, burgundy
Marianne DK - I Want A Cool Middle Name

Little Birds In Their Nest Agree - Martha Sock

Except they don't. Have you ever seen blackbirds warring?! Intense genty variegated; mustard, saffron, gold, amber, streaks of bronze, mauve, rose
Martha Sock - Little Birds In Their Nest Agree

Looe Island - Gretchen Sock

I'd like to live there. Imagine the peace of it. No surprise visitors! Uplifting gently variegated; aqua, lime, leaf green, icy blue, duck egg blue, lavender, sage, chartreuse
Gretchen Sock - Looe Island

Look, No Hands! - Betsy Sock

Did you see me? Did you? Did you?! Complex & very subtle variegated; damson, dark slate, plum shading into raspberry, bottle green, khaki, chocolate, sage, and lots of other subtle shades that I can't pin down in words
Betsy Sock - Look, No Hands!

Monsters Under The Bed - Diana Cobweb

Drooling…. Brooding semi solid; blackcurrant, darkest damson, sooty black
Diana Cobweb - Monsters Under The Bed

My Hearts Sings To Me - Miranda Heavy Lace

Sometimes. But I'm not always listening. Uplifting semi solid; light violet, lilac
Miranda Heavy Lace - My Hearts Sings To Me

My Quiet Corner - Audrey Lace

No Boys allowed. Gentle semi solid; lavender, silvery grape, pale mauve
Audrey Lace - My Quiet Corner

Never Jam Today - Amelie Cobweb

Today isn't any other day, you know. Rich semi solid; deep purple, blackcurrant, damson, black
Amelie Cobweb - Never Jam Today

Nothing You Can't Do - Gretchen Sock

I have faith in you. Soothing semi solid; lavender, silver, grape, lilac, dove grey
Gretchen Sock - Nothing You Can't Do

Party In Portobello - Diana Lace

ĦAy, caramba! Intense solid; bright cherry pink/red (sometimes I think pink, sometimes I think red! You decide)
Diana Lace - Party In Portobello

Reflection In Puddles - Betsy Sock

About the only mirror I like. Subtle semi solid; stormy greyish greenish blue, with deeper shading. That's the best I can do!
Betsy Sock - Reflection In Puddles



The Art Of Saying No - Olivia Lace

Some of us have mastered it, others not so much. Intense semi solid; plum, amethyst, mauve, soft violet
Olivia Lace - The Art Of Saying No

The Comeback Queen - Amelie Cobweb

Except I never went away really. Or did I? Jewel bright semi solid; violet, sapphire, purple, teal, French navy
Amelie Cobweb - The Comeback Queen

Throwing Coins In The Fountain - Olivia Sock

Each one seeking happiness. Heart-lifting semi solid; every shade of sky blue subtly blended, winter sky, summer sky
Olivia Sock - Throwing Coins In The Fountain

You Are The Bees Knees - Amelie Cobweb

Not to mention the cat's whiskers. Vivid semi solid; russet, deep tangerine, saffron, ochre, little hints of a plummy rose
Amelie Cobweb - You Are The Bees Knees