Photos for 08 Feb 2014

A Budding Gallant - Esme Sock

Magnificent semi solid: damson, dark burgundy, aubergine
Esme Sock - A Budding Gallant

A Choir Of Wings - Patricia Aran

Cheery marled semi solid: amber going into soft orange, silver and smoke grey marl
Patricia Aran - A Choir Of Wings

And The Dancers Moved - Patricia Aran

Blazing marled semi solid: cherry, deep clear red, soft pink marl
Patricia Aran - And The Dancers Moved

A Plump Old Lady - Francesca DK

Cosy subtly variegated: khaki, plum, petrol blue, bronze, amethyst, warm rose, amber, sage, terracotta, olive, slate
Francesca DK - A Plump Old Lady

As Moths Around A Flame - Jeannie Sock

Piquant solid: red squirrel russet
Jeannie Sock - As Moths Around A Flame

Butterflies And Meadow Flowers - Miranda Sock

Delicate softly variegated: pale apple, platinum, ivory, denim, silver, sky blue
Miranda Sock - Butterflies And Meadow Flowers

Cabbages And Kings - Florence Aran

Woodsy marled tonal variegated: bronze, sage, moss, plum and grape marl (much more subtly blended than the photo shows it)
Florence Aran - Cabbages And Kings

Can I Borrow Your Ambition? - Diana Heavy Lace

Glowing semi solid: russet, tan, terracotta, olive, tiny touches of cocoa going into a dullish purple
Diana Heavy Lace - Can I Borrow Your Ambition?

Covert Light - Florence Aran

Hushed marled semi solid: silver, smoke grey
Florence Aran - Covert Light

Dancing Upon The Shore - Elinor Chunky

Tranquil tonal variegated: leaf green, denim, sage, lavender, mint, sea green, duck egg blue, aqua, stone
Elinor Chunky - Dancing Upon The Shore

Erase The Past - Sylvia Lace

Moody semi solid: stormy sea green going into grey, taupe, greige, slate going into dull petrol blue
Sylvia Lace - Erase The Past

Every Time I Hear The Rain - Patricia Aran

Pensive marled semi solid: sea green, soft duck egg blue, sage, denim and hyacinth blue marl
Patricia Aran - Every Time I Hear The Rain

Every Wish Is Golden - Florence Aran

Happy marled semi solid: sunflower yellow, gold
Florence Aran - Every Wish Is Golden

Fire Upon Leaf - Pippa DK

Gorgeous semi solid: warm crimson, russet, raspberry, rust, faded red
Pippa DK - Fire Upon Leaf

Follow The Glow Worm - Olivia Lace

Spicy semi solid: terracotta, soft amber, milky coffee, apricot
Olivia Lace - Follow The Glow Worm

Fourteen Suns - Francesca DK

Perky semi solid: lemon, daffodil yellow
Francesca DK - Fourteen Suns

Haughty Sovereignty - Sylvia Lace

Glorious semi solid: violet, warm purple, grape
Sylvia Lace - Haughty Sovereignty

Joy Is My Name - Diana Heavy Lace

Dazzling almost solid: brightest possible pink, with tiny touches of a deeper magenta
Diana Heavy Lace - Joy Is My Name

Letter Writing Is A Lost Art - Diana Heavy Lace

Mysterious tonal variegated: ooh, where to start! moss, slate going into teal, amethyst, sage, amber, rose, denim, plum, tan, silver, olive
Diana Heavy Lace - Letter Writing Is A Lost Art

Like Happy Bees - Olivia Sock

Uplifting semi solid: gold just edging into orange, touches of sunrise peach
Olivia Sock - Like Happy Bees

Make The Stars Laugh With Joy - Elinor Chunky

Dramatic subtly variegated: navy, dark moss, aubergine, forest green, chocolate, raspberry, bronze, blackcurrant, touches of jade, sky blue, plum, teal, amethyst
Elinor Chunky - Make The Stars Laugh With Joy

Merciless East Wind - Jeannie Sock

Ethereal semi solid: silvery soft greyish greenish grey!
Jeannie Sock - Merciless East Wind

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily - Antonia DK

Vibrant semi solid: teal going into soft jade, denim just touched with mauve
Antonia DK - Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

More Chances To Fly - Olivia Lace

Mellow semi solid: warm olive, fawn going into very soft amber
Olivia Lace - More Chances To Fly

Mother's Words - Diana Heavy Lace

Sophisticated subtly variegated: mid green, deep lavender going into violet, sage, moss, grape, khaki, touches of silver, forest green
Diana Heavy Lace - Mother's Words

Peace Reigned - Antonia DK

Serene tonal variegated: silver, lavender, silvery mauve, denim touched with sea green
Antonia DK - Peace Reigned

Pink Bloomers - Miranda Sock

Charming semi solid: amethyst, deep rose, mauve
Miranda Sock - Pink Bloomers

Popping Fuchsia Buds - Patricia Aran

Vivid marled almost solid: intense fuchsia
Patricia Aran - Popping Fuchsia Buds

Sapphire Misted Mountains - Olivia Sock

Majestic tonal variegated: blackcurrant, deep sapphire, tiny hints of aubergine, chocolate, plum, teal, damson
Olivia Sock - Sapphire Misted Mountains

See It Through - Jeannie Sock

Elegant tonal variegated: smoky grape, stone just touched with sage, silvery mauve, greige
Jeannie Sock - See It Through

Sounds Of Triumph Burst Forth - Esme Sock

Jazzy semi solid: cobalt, royal blue
Esme Sock - Sounds Of Triumph Burst Forth

Sweet Airs That Give Delight - Olivia Sock

Warming semi solid: bronze, plum, amber, amethyst, fawn
Olivia Sock - Sweet Airs That Give Delight

Technicolor With A Vengeance - Florence Aran

Exuberant marled variegated: YOWZER! Fuchsia, jade, kingfisher, cerise, emerald, gold, lime, amber, teal, grass green, turquoise, mauve, egg yolk yellow
Florence Aran - Technicolor With A Vengeance

Tell Him I Am True - Esme Sock

Vivacious semi solid: scarlet, geranium red (my camera didn't like this, but it's a good clear red, not as screamy as it looks)
Esme Sock - Tell Him I Am True

The Light Of Spring - Francesca DK

Playful softly variegated: daffodil yellow, silver, lemon, warm yellowish green, smoke grey
Francesca DK - The Light Of Spring

Transformation Of The Heart - Florence Aran

Joyous marled semi solid: crimson, raspberry, bright crimson marl
Florence Aran - Transformation Of The Heart

Two Lovely Black Eyes - Sylvia Lace

Sinister semi solid: black, very subtly touched with hints of purple and navy
Sylvia Lace - Two Lovely Black Eyes

Two Million Wheres - Valerie Cobweb

Rich but subdued semi solid: deep olive, copper, dark khaki, amber, touches of forest green (less green, more copper, than the photo shows it)
Valerie Cobweb - Two Million Wheres