Chaos Theory

My house is in chaos at the moment. We decided that the living room carpet needed to be replaced with wood flooring, because of Tony’s asthma, and since Tony is a very in-for-a-penny-in-for-a-pound kind of person, he has also ripped out all the book shelving, and is rebuilding it all. And when you live in a cottage that is as tiny as this, a little bit of DIY means that the whole house is thrown into disorder. I hate that.

But I know it’s necessary. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Sometimes you have to endure a little chaos in order to find something beautiful.

This is my roundabout way of announcing the details of our 2011 Posh Club. We’ve had a lot of fun with the Cashmere Club this year, but I like to do something different every year. And we wanted to try a different format to the usual clubs, where everyone gets the same thing, because that goes so contrary to the way we normally work, in very small unrepeatable batches of colour. So we were so excited when some of the lovely Poshies on Ravelry came up with the idea of a lucky dip club. We’re calling it the Random Acts Of Poshness Club, and this is how it’s going to work:

It will be a bi-monthly club, as before, and we will choose the bases and colourways randomly for you throughout the year. Tony tends to dye in batches of fives, so there will be more that one skein of your particular yarn/colourway out there, making swaps possible if you wanted more of that one, but the colourways will feel more exclusive than the current club system, where everyone gets the same theme. 

You will be able to choose between three types of membership for the year: light weight (a mix of lace weight (but not cobweb) and sock weight), medium weight (a mix of every yarn weight, from lace to aran), or heavy weight (a mix of sock weight, dk weight, and aran weight). You will not be able to opt out of certain colours (but as with the Cashmere Club, swapping and trading will be going on on the Posh Knitters Ravelry group, so if you get a colour that just isnt you, there’ll be plenty of people out there who will want it!). The yarn will be selected from our range of £12-13 priced yarns, Elinor, Jeannie, Daisy, Sylvia, Martha, and so on. You will get 1 skein per shipment, so a total of 6 skeins throughout the year.

Spots will be limited in number, and will go up for sale in a special shop update on Tuesday December 7th at 9pm. I will email members after the sale to ask what group you want to select. The cost of membership for the year will be £85 for UK members, and £90 for International members. This cost includes P&P. As well as being part of a fun club, this also works out at a slight saving on our normal prices!

Are you in?!

5 thoughts on “Chaos Theory

  1. You know what I would really love? If the release into the shop would please coincide with a non-stupid time over here in Australia! If not, I suppose I’ll just -have- to stay up in the really odd hours in the morning for this…

  2. I am so in! Just crossing my fingers the time difference between NZ and the UK will allow me to get in on the update! I’ve just LOVED the Cashmere Club and think that pretty well whatever you and Tony do would be stellar.