Shop Update 01.08.10 – Part I

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little bit pouty that I can’t get to Knit Nation this weekend. So I thought I’d put together a consolatory sale, one of the biggest, baddest, brightest shop updates that I think we’ve ever had!!! It’s hard to narrow my choices down this week, but here’s some of them:

Miranda 2ply Here’s Looking At You

Miranda 2ply Pink Elephants

Daisy 2ply Emerald City

Sylvia 2ply Don’t Stop Believing

Diana 2ply Chasing Butterflies

Martha Heart Of Gold

Martha Eleven O’Clockish

Elinor I Want To Be An Actress

More picks tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Shop Update 01.08.10 – Part I

  1. I have to admit I was one of the lucky ones that got to go to Knit Nation tonight but this week’s shop update is TOTALLY giving anything there a run for its money. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. This week’s selection is beautiful. I’ve been gazing at these colours for ages.