Competition Time

As you know, we’re collaberating with Laura from Fiber Dreams on a Posh Yarn shawl kit. The pattern is now finished, and is being knitted up by some test knitters. We’re hoping that the kits will be ready by the end of May. In the meantime, you can see the finished shawl on Laura’s blog. And now you can enter a competition to win your very own exclusive kit. We’re looking for the perfect name for the shawl, so tell us what you think it should be called. Leave your chosenย name for the shawl in a comment on this blog, with perhaps just a sentence or two explaining why you like that name. We’ll announce the winner at the end of the week. One entry per person, please!

99 thoughts on “Competition Time

  1. Dreaming of Deco – it looks rather Art Deco to me and the ‘Dreaming’ bit ties up with Fiber Dreams.

    PS Good to read you again ๐Ÿ™‚ & glad to hear you had a lovely few days off

  2. Persian Fantasy-I am reading the book by Penelope Hobhouse on Persian gardens, and the lace pattern reminded my of the lovely peacocks and the water rills pictured in the book

  3. As it was being finished off over the recent holiday period, I like Eostre, which conjures up images of spring green shoots and leaves, and new beginnings, which is what the shawl reminded me of.

  4. I’d like to suggest Aventine. I’ve tried to think about this with a link to the Diana yarn. Diana is the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting – well, there’s already a luna moth shawl so anything lunar was a no-no ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There’s a famous staue of Diana at Versailles, but several patterns of that name exist. It’s the same with Artemis, Diana’s Greek counterpart, there are patterns with that name too.

    The Aventine is one of the seven hills of Rome and is where Diana was worshipped, so my suggestion is Aventine. The Aventine Shawl. It’s a tenuous link I know, but most other Diana links were gone.

    It is stunning btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Fine Feathers. I also see peacock feathers and i’ve loved the phrase since childhood as an old-fashioned admiration (i think it may be in one of the Anne books).
    It’s beautiful! I’ve never knitted a shawl but this one tempts me.

  6. It reminds me of a puzzle-box – intricate, with all the separate elements fitting together seamlessly and beautifully. I’d call the pattern Himitsu-bako (which is the japanese name for puzzle boxes – literally meaning secret box).

  7. I think it looks like it’s called ‘Gorse and Heather’. It reminds me of Cathy wandering about on a moor, and since the moor I know best is Dartmoor, those plants spring to mind. The angular knots and diamonds looks just like a gorse thicket.

    It’s a gorgeous shawl!

  8. Timeless, because the shawl has a timeless quality about it and the beauty will never fade

  9. To me it reminds me of Portuguese Azulejos, the tiles all lined up.
    So that’s my sugestion Azulejo. Besides Azul is blue in Portuguese so it goes with that color too!

  10. Dee, I look at this lovely shawl and see leaves. The leaves call up images and thoughts of Spring, rebirth, and life. I would suggest one of two names, both in Welsh in honour of your home:
    Dalen (Welsh for leaf)
    Dadeni (Welsh for rebirth or renaissance)

  11. The shawl looks lovely! I know lots of knitters are having problems overcoming the idea of knitting a design involving nupps (myself included), but these looks so lovely, and does not seam too much out of anyones comfort zone ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would suggest that the shawl design is simply named “Posh Nupps”, also to take away the perhaps a bit altmodish sound of nupps.

  12. Tilia shawl. Tilia is the group which lime and linden trees come from.

    I chose the name because parts of the pattern look like lime leaves and lime flowers. The lime trees are flowering now, announcing that it’s spring. Lime flowers have been used to relieve anxiety and the linden tree is the tree of lovers in Germany. Meetings used to be held under tilia in order to restore peace to communities. A peaceful, beautiful shawl.

  13. “Alhambra”

    Some of the patterns in this shawl remind me of the intricate geometric shapes we saw when we visited this beautiful Moorish building.

    I can imagine wearing such a gossamer light shawl over a linen dress on a warm Spanish evening, on my way to delicious tapas and icy drinks.

  14. One of my favorite things about lace is the interplay between the solid sections and the openwork–the “light and shade” patterns that the piece makes. With its nupps and profusion of lace, this shawl is a lovely example of this, so my (somewhat prosaic) suggestion is the “light and shade” or “light and shadow” shawl.

  15. Hi Dee,
    how wonderful ! The colour reminds me of the beautiful Welsh coastline with their crystal clear blue green waters and the pattern looks so delicate like sea foam- the perfect name for me would be CREIDDYLAD- Welsh for the Jewel of the sea.
    Best regards

  16. My suggestion is Apollo.

    He was the twin brother of the goddess Diana (Artemis). This seems to be a perfect pairing of yarn and design.

  17. I would suggest “Feen” (Fairies in German, I think so). Die Feen was also Wagner’s first complete opera and I guess this would be also the first Posh shawl kit? It tells about beauty, love, battle, belief and immortality.

  18. Isfahan or Isfahan Dreams

    The colour and the shapes remind me of the Royal Mosque at Isfahan in Iran. The skill and artistry that went into the design and decoration is mind-boggling.

    I’d love to travel the silk route and investigate the souks, and relax in the gardens with a glass of mint tea. A beautiful scarf like this would come in very useful I’m sure.

    And I’m totally stealing JanetS’ idea of the dreams bit to tie in with the designer’s name. Sorry Janet.

  19. Another name linked with Diana – I would choose “Aradia” – the daughter of Diana.

  20. Purdey.

    Don’t ask why as the explanation involves lateral thinking, and connections that really only work in my head!

  21. Posh Dreams.
    Well, It’s posh, It’s dreamy & it is a combination of Posh Yarn & Fibre Dreams !

  22. Andalucia – the design reminds me of the neatly geometrical olive orchards we see for miles and miles in the andalucian countryside. besides, you know a beautiful shawl is always a part of the traditional andalucian costume…

  23. I have the same ideas that a few people have already suggested (Persian tiles/gardens, the Alhambra) and I was going to say “Persia”, but someone’s already nabbed that so I’ll suggest “Granada” – keeping with the feel of Southern Spanish-Moor style, but it also reminds me of the old Granada TV logo! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Butchart Gardens — The upper/border portion reminds me of roses, and the diamond shapes and nupps make me think of moss. So, what better than a massive rose garden in the temperate rainforest?

  25. I would like to suggest “Palace of the Dragon King” as a potential name for this shawl. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon Kings rule the seas and live in crystal palaces. I thought of this because some of the shawl’s motifs seem “oceanic” to me, while at the same time they are geometric and architectural. It is also quite a regal shawl ^_^

  26. The shawl reminds me of grape vines, with the twinning vines over the shoulders, to the fruit like nupps. So my suggested name is: Vitis vinifera (the latin name for the european grapevine)

    Whatever you decide to call the pattern – it is lovely!

  27. Well I think it’s gorgeous and should be called “Posh Dreams” – links both companies!

  28. “Reflection”

    I was sitting there trying to get the beautiful symmetry of the shawl into the name, as well as the peaceful feeling i got as i mused over possitbilities.

  29. Sorry – the earlier link to my blog appears incorrect. Here’s the proper one.

    What great suggestions so far.

  30. It’s stunning! I think I would name it Serendipity. The pattern all fits together so perfectly and it’s a wonderful match for the yarn too. Everything about is just perfect. What an exciting new venture, yippeee!

  31. For some reason I think the name Hampton Court would be good because perhaps I’ve been watching too many episodes of the Tudors. It reminds me of the Renaissance and Elizabethan times.

  32. Isn’t it fascinating how different people see different things – when I saw it I thought of rows of candelabras and then when I saws the pic of the whole thing I also thought of a maze or labrynth. Since those have already been suggested i’ll go for Candelabra.

  33. Sparkling Raindrops because each shape with the sparkly beads looks like a raindrop glistening on a spring day .

  34. Wot about ‘Dewpoint’?

    When I first say it, the nupps made me think of water drops and there are points at the edge of the shawl

  35. I’d call it Gathering, as in “Here we go gathering Nupps in May”.

    Sorry, it was the first thing I thought when I saw it.

  36. Hi Dee. The shawl is great. As for a name, my suggestion would be: Aztec Dreams or Aztec Touch because the same geometric repeat pattern was used prolifically by the Aztec’s and every time you put the shawl on there should a moment of ‘other worldliness’.

  37. Professor Sybill Trelawney is the Seer in Harry Potter and teaches Divination.

    She is the Great-great-granddaughter of the the celebrated seer Cassandra.

    Sybill wears lots of shawls, and the one that is her very best shawl would be named after her Great-great-Grandmother


  38. Dee’s Pride is my suggestion.

    The shawl is lovely and that was the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the shawl yesterday.

  39. Love the shawl, the contrast between the geometric and organic shapes makes it really interesting.
    My suggestion for the shawl would be Lindisfarne.
    “The name Lindisfarne derives from Farne meaning “retreat” and Lindis, a small tidal river adjacent to the island”(Wikipedia), and I think that wearing a shawl can definetly be felt like a retreat ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I think this shawl is very special. In my opinion a name should be simple and catchy. What’s about fancy ?

  41. Tropical Rain

    The first things that came to mind was rain drops and the tropics with the beautiful color.

    I do find it so interesting how everyone sees something different. Something I feel is a show of a great design. Whatever the name, it is beautiful.

  42. love the colour and design – because of the ocean colour ,and the flower design I would call it ‘NEPTUNES GARDEN’—–FOR THE KING OF THE OCEAN IN HIS GARDEN


  43. Summer Grove
    I have dreams of walking in the shade of the leafy trees.
    All the name suggestions are great.

  44. The shawl looks beautiful… I would go for Minuet as a name – as well as the formal four-step dance, the origin of the word is from the Italian and French for small, pretty or delicate…

  45. I would name it Morpheus—after gorgeous viola piece composed by Rebecca Clarke. Rebecca was an amazing musician/violist composer with her zenith in the 1920’s. This shawl embodies her music, her spirit and her era. Link for a picture of her and a soundbite:
    Click on “Morpheus” to hear the music.

  46. it’s so beautiful and looks like a vintage treasure -so I would call it DIVINIA, named after an antique german perfume from the turn of the century (about 1900). I can easily imagine a lady born in 1880, wearing this beautiful and elegant shawl and a drop of Divina perfume:)

  47. Ambrosia’s Path

    I see a whimsical garden path, a little formal, but more friendly. A curious place of our childhood, where every nook and cranny must be explored and enchantment and sweet surprises delight at every turn.

  48. Its very geometric, so I thought maybe Euclid, a greek mathematician and the father of geometry. Whatever it ends up being called it is gorgeous and I can’t wait for the kit to come out.

  49. Eukarya or Eukaryote

    The shalw got me thinking about coastlines and seaweed making intricate maze patterns (with nupps and all) in the water… and seaweed’s is in the domain of Eukarya (Eukaryote in single – meaning an organisms whose cells are organized into complex structures enclosed within membranes)

  50. Cydweithrediad

    Bit of a Welsh mouthful but it means co-operation, collaboration or team work. Which is exactly what it took to make the shawl kits possible.

  51. it made me think of some of the tracery of the Mezquita of Cordoba so may I suggest Mezquita, it’s Spanish for Mosque.

  52. I like the name “Lotus Rain” because the pattern at the edge reminds me of the shape of a lotus blossom, and the nupps look a bit like raindrops. =)

    Or you could call it “Nile”. When you step back, it’s very river-ish.

  53. Egeria–a Roman water nymph associated with Diana; she offered wisdom and council, and her name is used to mean “councilor” or “woman advisor.”

  54. I am suggesting “Mae’s Spring”
    (var: “May’s Spring”, “Mayspring”, “Maespring”)

    The shawl makes me feel full of the possibilities of Spring, and flowers, and the May Day celebration. *deep sigh*

  55. MAEVE’S PRIVILEDGE or shortened to simply MAEVE

    The pattern is so feminine but gives the feeling the the woman wearing it is a woman of strength.

  56. Oh, it looks so beautiful!
    And at first it brought to my mind some kind of summer berries, but after that I suggest it would be called Sea foam ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. For no other reason than this is something created for Posh Yarn, my Choice for a name would be ‘Grace’.

  58. Elizabethan Garden.

    For me this shawl evokes the many textures of an Elizabethan garden on a summer day: the hot scents of the herb garden bathed in sunlight, the dappled shade of the orchard, the pure lines of the knot garden, the intriguing paths of the maze and the tangle of wilderness beyond. Like the patterns of this shawl, all the features of the garden combine to create one perfect, harmonious whole.

  59. The diamond shapes remind me of trees, and the pattern up the edge of branches, so I’m going with ‘Valinor’s Dream’ – after the two trees of Valinor in LOTR.

  60. Hi Dee,

    I think, the name should include the Protagnists, i.e. Posh Yarn und Laura. My suggestion:
    Laura’s Posh Shawl.

  61. Ethereal Diana , it looks like a dream , with the candelabras , and the maze ,IT made me think of princess Diana and her search for a path.Dianas pathway would also sound good .As would travel home.

  62. Ah hell, I don’t care what it gets called, I just want to knit it.
    Please lte me know when it’s available. thanks Dee!!

    “Totally Posh”

  63. Forest in the snow. It looks like a mix of trees, leaves, and snow falling to me!

    The other names suggested are so beautiful, I’m almost (but not quite) embarrassed to post this!

  64. the shawl is gorgeous! and the yarn colour is stunning.

    my name suggestion is “baroque”.

  65. the shawl looks gorgeous! i love the colour of the yarn that laura used. very fitting.

    my suggestion for a name is “baroque”.

  66. My suggestion is Elani. Part of the design reminds of greek key symbol. My friend is Greek. Her daughter is Julia Elani.

  67. I *love* this so much.

    It reminds me of Aztec design, so I suggest Quetzalcoatl (who was the creater of the humanity in Toltec tradition), in addition Quetzacoatl was considered inseperable from Venus, the morning star, and I think Venus would be perfect for this shawl too.

    I can’t wait for this to be avaliable. Such a wonderful design and, of course, posh yarn!

  68. Hello
    I think Persephone. Because I had a very sunny Easter in Shropshire and back to mist, gloom and rain in Sheffield which made me think Spring isn’t quite here. The shawl made me think of pomegranate seeds – which Persphone ate before leaving Hades so had to go back for 6 months of the year hence winter and spring….


  69. Re my post:
    Susan Says:
    April 14th, 2009 at 8:50 am

    Should have only put down one suggestion, not two. Therefore, delete the 2nd and go with Dalen.


  70. ‘Ottoline’ for Lady Ottoline Morrell, well noted for her lovely, flamboyant clothes in the early 20th century, including turkish robes. I can see her wearing this, in bright purple to match her dyed purple hair!

  71. It reminds me so much of Robin McKinley’s second retelling of Beauty and the Beast (re-retelling?) The vines and the trees (bushes?) at the bottom seem so reminiscent of tackling dying roses in a dying building.

  72. I immediately saw the diamonds, and with the tiny nupps peppering them, they almost reflected the light like a diamond. So I vote for Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. To honor Carol Channing (and more famously in the movie, Marilyn Monroe) and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. I see leaves and tightly curled buds in this shawl pattern and, as it’s this time of the year and I love this particular tree, I would suggest ‘Cherry Blossom’.

  74. My suggestion is Peacock Maze. I see the peacock preening and strutting its stuff in this patttern, and trying to find its way through the maze.

  75. Bardsey Apple? I was reading about this unique Welsh apple tree recently, and the design looks like apples complete with seeds and the trees in full leaf on the border.

  76. The pattern has a Tudor feel. When I saw it, I imagined Queen Elizabeth I looking through a mullioned window. So…Elizabeth’s Window(s)

  77. Fretwork.

    Both as a description of the pattern and as the experience of knitting it!

  78. I would name it Gatsby – it made me think of the elegance, fun and sexiness of The Great Gatsby, the whole Jazz era attitude. It would make me feel elegant and sylph-like to wear it (both words that are not normally linked to me!!)

  79. Oh my, it’s beautiful! I see some Estonian influence in the edging and the nupps; I also recognize the “Children of Lir” lace pattern (In an ancient northern tale, the children of the king Lir were changed into swans by their jealous step-mother). That’s a lot to inspire a name!

    Both the Estonian motifs and the children of Lir tale come from the north. I tried combining that idea with the yarn name and the ‘dreams’ part of the designer’s business name and came up with these names:

    Diana’s Swan Song or Diana’s Swan Shawl
    Northern Swan Song or Northern Swan Shawl
    Northern Dreams
    Northern Song
    Diana’s Diamonds

    Good luck choosing a name!