Red Shoes

Question: if I already have five pairs of red shoes, and then last week I added these to the collection…..

…..does that mean I have now reached my red shoe quota? Because these babies really want to come home with Momma……


18 thoughts on “Red Shoes

  1. There is no such thing as a red shoe quota. If you have the flair to pull off red shoes, then by goodness you are entitled to as many pairs as you need!

  2. Like Genny said, you can NEVER have too many pairs of red shoes, especially red high-heeled shoes. (That said, I’m wearing red flatties at the moment that I’ve nearly worn out!!)

  3. I have a huge number of red shoes – they go with everything! I’ll count when I get home but I would say you have space for another pair or three (actually probably considerably more but I don’t want to be accused of enabling you too much!).

    I even have two pairs of exactly the same red shoes as I know how devestated I will be when the first pair wears out – hmmm maybe I should by a third pair for when the second pair collapses?

  4. I fourth all of the above: no such thing as a red shoe quota.
    I’m just jealous that I can no longer wear my red heels. *sigh* I’m gonna have to go find some cute flat red maryjanes instead.

  5. Just read Hannah’s gift by Maria Housden and you’ll realise as Hannah and Maria did that life is too short not to wear red shoes. *warning* you will need a box of tissues handy when you read this book!

    So Dee, my advice is this, Buy them, wear them, love them.

    Here endeth today’s lesson 🙂

  6. I don’t know what your other red shoes are like (could we have piccies please?) but the ones you just showed us are totally different so you clearly have a need for both. Even with the same outfit those shoes would each create a totally different look, so actually they’re a bargain because your getting a new outfit for the price of a new pair of shoes! Yay! Very credit-crunch-friendly.

  7. Oh good grief, for those red shoes?!

    Well, I wouldn’t care if I already had a sackful of red, pink or purple pairs – they would be mine.

    In fact, I am miles away right now, no danger of us tripping over each other in the same pair of shows….um, so where did you find them…eh, eh, eh?!


  8. once you have filled your red shoe quota don’t forget there is always the green shoe quota to work on.

    (if only they did them in green too)

  9. No. They are lovely. I love shoes and have recently bought 4 pairs in one morning the other day even though I didn’t really need them.


  10. I can’t wait to sign up for the mitten kit.

    And just to put my two cents in on the shoe debate–you can never have too many shoes 🙂

  11. FANTASTIC shoes! You cannot have enough beautiful shoes (whether red or otherwise) If it seems there is a lot of great selection now, you know that next year you won’t be able to put your hands on a red shoe for love or money! Go for it, so long the budget allows.