Thanks for all your well wishes, I’m feeling a little better (although can’t stop coughing) but Tony is still really ill. Poor old thing.

So, I finally finished Swallowtail when I was in France. It’s only been on my needles since April!! By the time I got to the cast off, I was so sick of it, and so desperate to get it finished already that I ignored the fancy cast off in the pattern, and just did a regular cast off, as loosely as possible. And whaddayaknow, it didn’t work. When it came to blocking, the darned shawl was pulling in all directions. I’d get the top straight, and the middle wouldn’t straighten. And I could NOT get the edging nice and pointy. Talk about ruining the ship for a haaporth of tar. Never mind, its still quite pretty, just so long as you don’t know what its supposed to look like (and since this is a gift and the recipient is not a knitter, I think we’re good to go!).

I have pictures of the Swiss Cheese scarf and Tangled Yoke to show you later in the week.

6 thoughts on “Swallowtail

  1. Glad you are feeling a bit better-I get awful chest infections and can recommend Potter’s Vegetable Cough Remover. It doesn’t taste too awful and the valerian in it stops the coughing spasms, which are worse than the wheezy chest.

    The Swallowtail shawl is really georgeous! Your tribulations with blocking are me pressing knit fabrics which take on a mind of their own when they are sewn up 🙂


  2. The shawl is beautiful.It has inspired me to get going with the wool I had from you last week.I actually managed to buy 2 lots of wool.There are just not enough hours in the day to knit everything i want to BUT I am having a knee replacement op in October and I’m not worrying about the op ,I,m thinking “lots of knitting time!!”Barbara

  3. I like the way the edging turned out. It gives it sort of an “architectural” feel. It makes it seem sort of like leaves and vines along a building. Just tell the recipient it is the “Ivy League” shawl or something like that. Very nice.

  4. Hope you two are on the mend!!
    Your shawl is gorgeous (no surprise).
    Wrap yourself up in it and drink lots of tea!!

  5. Your shawl is lovely! I like the straight edges, actually….different from the standard pointy ones, and a non-knitter would probably never notice anything at all.

    I hope you feel better. I’ve had a bad cough for a week now, it just won’t go away, either! It seems to be going around over here….or at least at my school, where most of the kids have been sick in the last 2 weeks. Lots more absences than normal, so you know it’s bad.