I’m sorry to tell you that Dee & Tony are no more. They were smothered to death in their bed last night by a large avalance of yarn. As fas as we can tell from reports, the yarn was unlabelled.

We will be bringing you a substitute pair of yarnies next week. They look remarkably like the old pair, but with greyer hair and more worry lines. Until then, let us have a few moments of silence……

PS. You asked for photos of the yarn mountain, so here are a few. There’s far too much yarn to get in one shot!

27 thoughts on “Alas

  1. Oh calamity! Oh Fate! Oh woe, oh woe!

    Ahem. Hang in there, Bamfords – you’ll get it all done, and what you don’t get done won’t matter.

  2. Don’t do that! With the clamaties of the Bamfords for one nano second I believed you. Hope you are not getting all perfectionist about that labelling task Dee.

  3. H’m… I can think of worse ways to go than under a soft squishy pile of beautifully dyed yarn… All will be well – in a month’s time, you’ll be looking back laughing at the newest and most colourful (temporary) mountain in Wales.

  4. I just spluttered my lunchtime cornflakes all over the place!
    Can we have warning please, when you are going to say things like this?


  5. he he he, I only just saw the post with the 1500 skeins on bloglines, and then went here to see that sad sad news… If you need help I’m sure more than us are willing to come and play, ups I meant to write help!

    Good luck! And watch out for the avalances

  6. Looking forward to meeting you at the weekend, even if it is just a pale imitation of your usual selves!

  7. Wow! Can’t quite find another word to describe the yarn adequately! Really, really wish I was able to be at Wonderwool. Don’t worry, Dee about the labelling too much, the yarn will speak for itself and sounds as if there will be plenty elves around to help… if you need them. Hope your BIL continues to make good progress. Please take care and enjoy the weekend

  8. You always give a good laugh Dee! Oh, but those photos are too much for a Posh lover. I need to breath slowly into a brown paper sack. I am feeling faint.

  9. Oh my! It’s a good job you’ve not got those hyperactive kitties yet then!!

    So looking forward to Saturday.

  10. Very very very unfair to post those pictures when I can’t go…. I currently fighting the yarn-shivers!!! (must have that beautiful beautiful yarn…) just be careful, I migth just jump a flight and go!!!

  11. Better than any sweet shop! Oh please, can we have an “after” photo when the yarn has all been twisted and labeled? That would be so pretty. And another “after” photo of you and Tony at the end of the weekend? Just for fun…

  12. serious case of yarn envy over here, feeling very hard done by that i have to go to a football presentation and not on a girly trip to wales as i was hoping. just off to sit in corner and sulk, anyone coming to join me??? 🙁

  13. Can I rent that room? I would only need to bring my tooth brush and my knitting needles, so, wouldn’t take up much more space really.

  14. Hoorah! I have finally been able to justify my ‘modest’ (ahem) stash in the spare bedroom by showing these pictures…more please!! Hope you are still not hidden under there…raise a white flag if so and we will bring supplies and needles!

  15. Dee? Is that roving I see in the picture? (right angles to the radiator, 2 and 3 skeins along from the LH edge of the blue mattress?) Yarn is good, but fibre is possibly even better.

    Please, please, tell me I’m right?