Weekend Plans

What do you have planned for this weekend? I’m going to wallow in books, on my new giant sofa, with the woodstove crackling. I’m going to knit on Mountain Peaks, and listen to a Daphne Du Maurier audio book. I’m going to drink wine and laugh with friends. I’m going to snooze gently in the afternoon sunshine. I’m going to look at knitting magazines, and plan future projects. I’m going to enjoy the novelty of a free Sunday evening, and go to the beach and sit round a bonfire, and watch the stars come out.

Whatever you have planned, my sweet friends, have a wonderful weekend. I’ll see you here Monday, refreshed, renewed, ready for the week ahead. Mwah.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. Have a lovely weekend!

    Me?,,,, I’m going to try and find my knitting mojo. I think it must be hiding down the back of the couch with a DPN or 3!

  2. Sounds just what the doctor ordered!! I’m hoping to do something similar, without the beach experience. More knit ting on the Koolhaas hat with my Helena yarn from last week’s sale. I’ve cast on and it’s beginning to take shape. The ‘Imposing’ colourway is great.
    Enjoy! See you next week

  3. Being Mother’s Day I will be pampered pampered and pampered. Out to lunch, garden centre or Columbia Road flower market to make some more notes in the garden journal. Still not sure what I want to do next lots of possibilites with my garden as it is at reclaimed and not planted. I have 90ft of lawn to sort out.
    Oh and a day and evening with the love of my life tomorrow. My son has his first sound and light “gig” 10am until midnight! A not for profit one as at 15 he is exploring future careers via volunteering.
    But good to hear you are looking after you, your Pilates instructor would be proud of you. The last few days must have ironed out some of the tension.

  4. I’m taking advantage of a rugby free weekend, though I will miss my Jonny fix 🙂 I’m not sure how common it is to be a rugby, cricket and knitting fan …

    So this weekend starts tonight with dinner with the family for my sister’s birthday. Saturday buying a new bike, just had the all clear from doctors so can get exercising again. Am soooo excited. Sunday baking cakes and making sandwiches for a very civilised Mother’s Day Afternoon tea, I’m hosting.

    Just realised of course that it doesn’t leave much time for knitting…

  5. I like a little rugby as well.
    I have the usual round the taxi-ing children to activities.
    But I am intending to sit down with my two Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries that arrived yesterday and haven’t been opened yet.
    Oh and sock knitting

  6. I’m having my hair cut on Sat (I resemble the Dulux dog at the moment, as I couldn’t manage an appointment earlier than this weekend). That involves a trip to Leeds, so I will be shopping as well!

    Sunday will be walking day.

  7. Dee!!! Daphne du Maurier! There’s a time I prowled used-book-stores for her wonderful tales. Now I think I will follow in your footsteps and LISTEN! I have a 2-hour commute (each way; four days a week) and have somehow gotten out of the books-on-disc habit. THANKS!
    Weekend? Knitting (a throw in many shades of purple, using about two dozen yarns–inclduing two POSH), riding my appaloosa CASCADE, eating/drinking/merrymaking with Tom and some friends, long walks with doggie. . .some early gardening if it warms up. As you often point out: YES, life is good. . . ENJOY

  8. Well I was going to spend the entire weekend driving the children to freezing cold football matches in the pouring rain. But having seen what you’ve got planned, I’m packing my pj’s and I’m coming to stay with you for the weekend! Grumpy husband can cope with argumentative kids for a change!

  9. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!
    I’m going to try to read a bit for my courses, but other plans include having a good time with the hubby, and watching my late grandmothers old pictures (you know with an old viewer that cast a stream of light on the wall) and sort out the ones with people on them 😉

  10. I have a day lined up with my soon to be 6 year old son, just him and me – my soon to be 9 year old is off to London with her father to a Dr Who thing and he’s a bit too small for it. So after work today I picked him up and we had chips in the howling wind at the station, watching the trains, and back home we had hot chocolate and a leftover cake from work. And tomorrow we’re going swimming and to the bookshop and having lunch in a new little cafe we’ve discovered. I think he mostly enjoys being able to talk non-stop without being interrupted by his big sister, and I probably mostly enjoy listening to his constant stream of consciousness.
    Sunday is unfortunately reserved for work but after tomorrow, I should feel rejuvenated enough!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I won’t torture you with a description of my weekend, but if you really want to know, check out the top of the sidebar on my blog. I put it in as my URL.

  12. Hi Dee

    Have a lovely weekend. I am going to make some leek and potato soup for lunch tomorrow and then I am planning to do some knitting. I want to finish a wrap called Border Wrap and I may also finish a couple of other projects. We may also be going out to look for a new car but not sure yet.

    Best wishes

  13. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I’m excited about my weekend too as we have my 80 year old Granny visiting us from Devon, and we’ll be spending the weekend showing her around London (though obviously not all of it, she’s sprightly but we don’t want to completely exhaust her!)

  14. This weekend is for working night shifts as a nurse in a hospital. I am always so grateful to be in good health… Next weekend is for indulging my yarn and needle arts addiction: I will be visiting L’aiguille en fête in Paris…
    A nice weekend to you all!

  15. Ooh, that sounds fabulous Dee!! Can I have a weekend like that please? We just got the keys to our new house yesterday, spent til 10pm last night knocking out an old fireplace with a sledgehammer (bricked up since the 20’s and how sore were MY hands this morning??). Have spent today so far painting and sanding and choking on dust, and more of the same tomorrow (well, there goes Mother’s Day for me)…..I know it’ll all be worth it and it’s looking a hundred times better then the swirly pub-carpets and bright red emulsion (everywhere – looked like Aleister Crowley lived there)…but, but, but……I’m itching to sit down and knit and I CAN’T. No Time This Weekend. Bah. But really….enjoy yours to the full, you deserve it, girl!!

  16. Enjoy your weekend Dee – it sounds fabulous. For me it’s all about the garden. Spring has sprung with vengeance where I live, and after a very wet winter the garden is just going crazy with weeds. So weeding it will be for me ……