Yesterday was strictly designated a Work Day. We had our tasks lined up, we had everything prepared, we were set and ready to go. Then we decided to blow the day off instead. Ha! I love doing that, stealing a day out of the clutches of mundane, and doing something fun while everyone else toils. As we kept telling each other, every time a guilt pang struck, if you can’t take a day off whenever you fancy when you run your own business, what’s the point? Might as well be chained to a desk somewhere. And besides, now that I’m getting better (SO much better, just in the last few days) I’m rediscovering my joie de vivre. I can read! I can knit! I can concentrate on an entire movie! Yay!!

So, off we went to the city, popped into Borders, ate crayfish, watched a movie. The sun shone, we drove home into the sunset, we shared a bottle of extremely good red wine and read. I had the first really good night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks. Good times, people, good times. 

6 thoughts on “Diversions

  1. Dee – good for you! We have just closed our office and moved our business back home in an effort to cut down. I’m all for running away for the day but my husband is still up at the crack of dawn (he seems to have forgotten he can have a cup of tea in bed) and is sitting at the desk in a suit (A SUIT!!!) by 8.30 a.m. He is obviously suffering great guilt pangs but tells me he might not work so much tomorrow and perhaps we could go out somewhere in the afternoon. Go for it girl – you only get one life

  2. Dee – well done you – this wasn’t holiday – it was treatment! Now how much more effective are you going to be over the next few days because you have slept and have some “you-time”. No matter how much you love what you do, remember we all work to raise the money to fund our real lives! (this from me who is now at my desk, as the trial has been adjourned until Monday)

  3. hooray! let;s hear it for good days!

    my way of getting some guaranteed relaxation bliss? Have a pedicure and knit a sock all the while.

  4. Wonderful – we all deserve a day of playing hookey now and then. It does wonders for the spirit….

  5. So glad to hear you are feeling better, its amazing how quickly things can take a turn for the better!
    Ruth xx

  6. I am glad you feeling better. I hope it continues. Good for you for taking yesterday off and going out. It sounds like great fun.

    Best wishes