Pattern Ideas

Isn’t it splendid how many good knitting patterns there are to choose from nowadays? There are so many talented designers out there, and the Internet creates an environment in which they can flourish independently, which encourages creativity. Here are some of the designs I’ve seen recently which I love; maybe they’ll tempt you to delve into your Posh stash and cast on a new project….

  • Moroccan Days / Arabian Nights – a gorgeous stole (my suggested yarn – Eva 2ply)
  • Twisted Flower Socks – an intricate cable sock (my suggested yarn – Lucia)
  • Decadence Socks – scrumptiously simple socks knitted in Sophia 4ply
  • Aerang Shawl – an easy lace shoulder shawl (my suggested yarn – Laura)
  • Magic Slippers – adorable baby booties (my suggested yarn – Helena)
  • Los Monos Locos Socks – a toe up version of Monkeys (my suggested yarn – Emily)
  • Tidepool Socks – cute little ankle socks (my suggested yarn – Sophia 4ply)
  • Promenade Stole – a pretty lace stole perfect for Spring (my suggested yarn – Eva 4ply)
  • Eagle of Pengwern Shawl – a Faroese style shawl (my suggested yarn – Sophia 2ply)
  • Bousta Beret – a slouchy lace beret (my suggested yarn – Sophia 6ply)
  • Skywalker Socks – a toe up version of Jaywalker socks (my suggested yarn – Lucia)
  • Garden Party Shawl – a stunning lace shawl (my suggested yarn – Cecilia)
  • Wickery Beret – a cable knit beret (my suggested yarn – Sophia 8ply)
  • If you’ve got any more patterns to add to the list, do leave them in a comment!

    10 thoughts on “Pattern Ideas

    1. Another amazing array of patterns from some really talented designers and your yarn suggestions Dee, make me want to look through my Posh Yarn stash and hope I have enough in a paticular colour. If not of course, I can alwayss stop by at the next Sunday sale . What a good idea. See you a week on Sunday!

    2. I spent far too many hours last night on ravelry. I did a search for lace shawl in pattern tags and then drooled over everyone’s finished projects, I clicked the add to favourites and add to queue for lots of them so that I can find them again. Trouble is I only got to page 7 out of several hundred! Back to the mines todayto add some more, I might get more knitting done if I didn’t surf but it wouldn’t be half so gorgeous. Thanks for a couple more to add to the list! Don’t forget Anne Hannson

    3. Thanks for the patterns Dee. I especially like the Decadence socks. What a great name. We all need some decadence in our lives!

      The magic slipper baby booties are great too.The idea of giving some cashmere baby booties to a new born infant is super. What a great way to start off life!

    4. I think its entirely unfair that you post this list *just* after you tell us there won’t be a sale for two weeks! Where am I going to get my Eva 2ply for the Moroccan Days shawl now, huh? Huh? 🙂

    5. Yesterday, I caved in and bought the 2 raspberry Sophia’s from Jen at – they are winging their way back across the pond right this minute. Today you show them in the Decadence sock – perfect! How lucky can one person be? Thank you so much Dee!!