Merci Beaucoup, Cheries….

Who ever had such a wonderful support network as I have? Thank you all so much for your advice and suggestions (and for the ones that came in by email too). There are a few I want to try, but the top one has to be Pilates. I’ve looked into it before, and I think it’s just about perfect for my situation/problems/circumstance/mindset. I did a little googling, and discovered that I have a very experienced Pilates instructor living just down the road, so I’ve booked some sessions with her. I will let you know how that turns out.

But I’m also thinking that with anxiety/depression, as with most things in life, it’s not so much about finding the one BIG answer, as it is about making lots of little adjustments, that all add up to making you well again. Drinking more water, finding time each day to exercise, eating proper meals throughout the day, setting yourself reachable targets each day and rewarding yourself for meeting them, trying relaxation techniques until you find one that suits you, figuring out what kinks and hiccups you have going on in your thought processes and replacing them with healthier ones. Little by little, nibbling away at the stresses and problems, step by step getting life back on track. Don’t you agree?   

My software guy has done something to help my stress levels this week, he’s configured the Checkout software settings so it tells me when someone has paid for their purchase without me having to manually check with Paypal. This will save me a good hour or two a week, and will make the whole order/dispatch process much easier. It does mean that when you buy something, you’ll get the automated invoice receipt from us, then your receipt for payment from Paypal, and that’s it. I know that makes it seem a little impersonal, not having the extra email acknowledging your purchase from me personally, but know that I’m still sitting here, seeing your orders come in, thinking of you and what I know about you, speculating a little on what you’re planning to make. I’m just saving a little extra time on admin, which I can better spend doing something else, like, oh I don’t know, knitting?!

I’m making steady progress on Mountain Peaks now. I’m on the third repeat of the first chart, and it’s swinging along nicely, since the pattern is so familiar to me. The yarn (Eva 2ply) is beautiful to work with, I can see why so many of you love it!

Right, back to work for me. I’m listening to a new audio book (Death in a White Tie by Ngaio Marsh) and packing up this week’s sales. If you bought from us this Sunday, your pink parcel will be winging its way to you today……  

6 thoughts on “Merci Beaucoup, Cheries….

  1. How beautiful is your Mountain Peaks looking? Don’t worry about the drop off of the one email – we get to interact with you here, and on Ravelry – and we know you still love us when we see the post lady with yet another pink parcel! I hope the Pilates works with you – from what I’ve heard it’s really good. The important thing I think is to do something, and work out what’s right for you, for now.

  2. Sage advice. I can no longer wear hoop earrings because my back and neck are so tense that I swear the earrings hit my shoulders (or so it seems!). Of course, I’m rushing through my day, not having eaten breakfast, contemplating skipping lunch, knowing the Pilates machine I purchased nearly one year ago is now folded up in the corner of the basement since I used it only twice. I’m going to leave my desk, have lunch, knit for 5 minutes and breathe! Thanks for the reminder. Have a great day!

  3. I think all your ideas are great.

    The Pilates will be fab but it can take 6 – 8 weeks to make a huge difference, so patience my lovely. However it was the first hour for me, different as ever.
    The other thing to say is all those things you listed are great, but its important to do something (at least one) every day. Why? because you deserve at least that, If you ever struggle with this, found it hard myself, do it for Tony the cats etc instead!

  4. Woo hoo! I can’t wait to see my yarnies! I should get it by next week (my 33rd year of life). I considered this my birthday pressie to myself! And, pilates is awesome but take it slow or it can kick your butt! Which, by the way, will SHRINK from the pilates. You will be a long lean knitting machine my dear!

  5. Pilates is wonderful, worked extremely well for Clare when she ended up with time off work for neck-nerve probs. (And she got improvement pretty fast, too). I think it is important that it be one-to-one, as well – partly because having exactly the right position is what makes it work, but also because I think the physical touch of the teacher is therapeutic as well.

    Another thing I’d say, and you may have to wait to feel better to know about this, is that we all have things that we find ‘feed our soul’ (I’ve never been able to find a more apt phrase, but cannot say this without the inverted commas!) For me, I know time alone, wandering around looking at architecture and shops and people, and then sitting in cafes earwigging and writing letters totally does it! Very different for everyone.

    The exercise is great advice, too.