Tony’s Sweater

Finally, the Fair Isle sweater is done. And I broke the curse in one respect, at least – this is the first thing I’ve knitted Tony (apart from socks) that didn’t turn out too small. No, this one turned out too big. In the case of the sleeves, a good four inches too big, too long actually. If he lets them dangle they hang down to his knees. I’m going to have to unravel the bottoms and knit the ribbing downwards to the right length. Apart from that, the body of the sweater is really too baggy, and in such a loose gauge, will only get baggier. But I’ve decided that acceptance is the wisest answer to this. It can be his slobbing sweater, thrown on for a beach walk. Which is where we decided to photograph it for you.

This last shot was taken outside a handbuilt beach shack that we always visit when we come down to the beach. We try to come here every day, even when its cold and rainy like today. There’s always something new to see; last week we helped a baby seal that had run adrift make its way back into the water.

Thanks for all the compliments on the seamless sweater. For those who asked, the pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Around. I’m knitting in undyed Amelia, which is our alpaca/merino blend dk (sports weight) yarn. And although it started out as another sweater for Tony, my gauge was a little off on this one too (gauge, the bane of my life!) so I think I’m going to claim it for myself instead. Which makes me happy because it means I can do fancy Bohus style patterning along the yoke, which Tony had said he didn’t want.

26 thoughts on “Tony’s Sweater

  1. That sweater is gorgeous. It looks so soft and snuggly.I can imagine myself in it ,in yarn heaven. It is a beautiful knit. Tony and scenery look pretty good too!

  2. You may think that it is too big but it looks just right to me for all those lovely beach walks! Fantastic Dee, what a great knit!

  3. Looks great (and the sweater ain’t bad either!)

    No, seriously, you’ve done a beautfiul job. And I love cold winter walks on the beach.

  4. A lovely cosy walking sweater – looks fab. Well done Dee. Glad to see Tony’s better now.

  5. Hi Tony!

    great shots of the beach – I love going to the seaside.
    There’s something about watching the sea go in and out that puts life into proportion.
    Looks like he’s over the whiplash as well but needs a scarf – I recommend sophia for a beautiful (and warm) scarf.

  6. Beautiful sweater! I can’t say about the sleeves, but the body doesn’t look too big to me. And lovely photo shoot.

  7. The sweater looks fab, great choice of colour for the pattern. The body doesn’t look too big to me, skinny would be horrible. Great to see Tony looking well.

  8. Very nice sweater! The fit looks great to me. I love all my hand knit sweaters for outdoor work and walks with the dog. There certainly is a place for perfectly fitted and fancy sweaters, but guys are usually more comfortable in something that feels good to wear rather than one that looks perfect.

    I really like making EZ’s sweaters because it’s all about proportions, meaning that if your gauge is off by a bit the sweater will still be a good fit on somebody.

    When I first started knitting and wasn’t so good at gauge (which still can be a problem for me) everybody would always ask who I was making the sweater for. I usually told them that I had to wait until it was done and see who it would fit!

  9. That looks great – and good to see a picture of the shy one. To me, it’s the sort of sweater that should look relaxed on. And I have the gauge problem as well… I agree with jam_mam – ask Tony to grow his arms a little – or he could pretend the sleeves have fitted in wristwarmers?

  10. Wow! The scenery looks wonderful and you can almost feel the wind. Tony looks great in your wonderful sweater and aren’t longer sleeves quite trendy anyway? Great to see your daily walk. This must surely lift your spirits . Keep well.

  11. Tell Tony he’s giving the Rowan models a run for their money!

    Actually I think it looks perfectly sized for an outdoor sweater. As my aunt always used to say: “If you don’t say anything, your dinner guests will never know the cake was supposed to be vanilla, not chocolate…” (Not sure what vanilla sins she was hiding with chocolate, but I like the philosophy.)

  12. The sweater is just gorgeous. I rather prefer men in oversized shirts and sweaters. I think it makes them look relaxed. And I have to agree with Evelyn. Tony, you could easily be modeling for Rowan. Dee, it’s really unfair that Tony is sweet, loving, artistic and handsome. Really girl, you are one lucky chicky.

  13. It’s wonderful – doesn’t look too big at all to me. It looks one of those comfy, cuddly, warm jumpers that is perfect for cold days on the beach. Spot on! (Jam mam’s comment made me laugh… put him on a rack!)

  14. As one who can’t knit fairisle for love or money, I think it looks wonderful. Well done for finishing – what are you doing next?

  15. Beautiful sweater Dee – or should I say handsome and it looks wonderful on your handsome husband. Great Job!!

  16. Fantastic looking sweater – so impressed with the fair isle, the sewing up and the model – and the beach – great.

  17. I keep opening up the site, and every time, my first thought is: “Wow! That is amazing!” Wonderful work :).

  18. Wonderful sweater and lovely, lovely photos. Like a Rowan photo shoot only with much better lighting!

  19. Beautiful sweater Dee! The shots of him do look just like a photo shoot! I also agree about the handsome model-dashing combo!