Good Cheer

Well, my dears, despite the car accident, despite the whiplash, despite my recent difficulties, despite the fact that we both have rotten colds, despite the fact that we aren’t working this week which is not so good for the cash flow……… things are definitely looking up! I feel distinctly perky today, and much more my old self. That alone is reason to rejoice. However, there are several other things bringing extra cheer, besides the not inconsiderable cheer of your good selves…..

  • The sun is shining! I know, after the constant rain of the last few weeks, it’s like a little miracle. I was planning to go for a long walk, but I’m all achey and snuffly from the cold, so instead I’m going to wrap a quilt round myself, and go sit outside and read, and watch the cats chase each other madly around.
  • I have finished Tony’s Fair Isle sweater!  I just have to sew it up, and it’s complete. This feels like quite a triumph, because I really couldn’t concentrate on it while I was ill, the combination of simultaneous shoulder and neck shaping, while staying in pattern, was just too much for my brain. But yesterday I picked it up and finished it, and felt like I’d climbed to the top of a mountain. I’ll show you photos in the next day or two.
  • Mountain Peaks is also beginning to show progress. It was too complicated for me to do very much on it for the last couple of weeks, so as a mindless knit, I cast on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s seamless pullover for Tony, in undyed Amelia, and have been knitting steadily away at that. It’s a fairly fine gauge (well, compared to the Fair Isle sweater, anyway!) so it’s growing slowly, but it’s amazing how soothing it is. Round after round of simple knitting, in a butter soft oatmeal yarn. Gorgeous.
  • I’ve been taking Heyer therapy, and can highly recommend it to you all. Georgette Heyer, that is. I’ve just finished Cotillion, and am now embarking on The Foundling. They really are the most perfect escapist books, no matter how many times I read them.
  • I have a new cleaner. Oh the bliss of having someone else hoovering for you! It cannot be measured.

So, now I’m off to sit in the garden, cup of tea in hand, and knitting by my side. I hope your Thursday is turning out as nice as mine is, and that you can see some sunshine too, even if it’s just little glimpses of it through the clouds. A kiss to you all.

12 thoughts on “Good Cheer

  1. Oh Dee – how lovely. And how good that you can appreciate a sunny moment in all the gloom! Well done you on the knitting frenzy, and enjoy your cuppa and your relax.

  2. My Thursday? Yeah, great. I hung all the washing out this morning, then it rained, so I brought it all in again. It is now sunny, so I’ve put it back out again. I have been trying to help a group of children do sums – 5+1=? And they couldn’t do it. Frustrating this teaching lark! And now I must return to make magnetic fish with them.

    Tell me it will soon be Friday.

  3. We’ve had horizontal hail here this morning – the most sudden and violent storm I’ve ever been out in! Enjoy your sunshine and keep on taking it easy, both of you.

  4. From the window at work this morning was lovely bright sunshine with fluffy white clouds, then the next time I looked it was hail stoning!

    The sun has come out again, and I’m warm and cosy back at home now.

    Glad you are feeling more like your self today.

    Book therapy definitely works, I’ve been reading lots too, and I’m loving Joanne Harris book Chocolat.

  5. sun is shining here too :o) makes me feel a whole lot better, that and a new project in PY *grins*

  6. Glad today has been a good one for you and hope that this is a promise of things to come

  7. So nice to hear you sounding like your cheerful self again– and hope Tony is feeling better too!

  8. I’m sorry I missed all your troubles, but glad to see that things are looking better – lots of well wishes and good karma and the likes to you both!

  9. I know exactly what you mean Dee… For various reasons I’ve been pretty low for the last couple of months, but today was the first time that I felt quite positive about the world… and I’m sure a little sunshine was a big part of that

  10. Dee – oh how I miss my Heyers! All those lovely books, so good for down days, languishing in the loft in Birmingham!

    I’m glad she’s there for you, though.