You know what this week is – EVA WEEK!!!!!!!!


I’m so happy to be able to offer this base to you again, those of you who have known and loved her in the past, and those of you yet to discover her.

Eva is 55% silk / 45% Mongolian cashmere. The put up is different for each weight, the lace weight is the normal 100g skeins you are used to, but the sock weight is in 55g skeins.

Eva Lace, 765 yards (700m) per 100g. £24.00 (including VAT), £20.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

Eva Sock, 200 yards (180m) per 55g. £13.20 (including VAT), £11.00 (excluding VAT) per 55g skein.

Now, there’s some difference in the appearance and handle between the lace and the sock weight, despite being exactly the same fibre blend (45% Mongolian cashmere, 55% silk). Whether this is because the lace weight is in larger skeins, I don’t know.

But the lace weight feels more silky, more slippy, and has more sheen. The sock weight feels more cashmerey, and if you are familiar with Josephine, it’s that sort of cashmere feel, not fluffy, but quite smooth and almost cottony in feel. And then it blooms beautifully as you work with it, and wash and block it.

I hope this will be helpful for those of you who haven’t bought Eva before, because you may not know what to expect. In comparison to Audrey, the lace weight feels quite similar, but the sock weight does not, with less of a silky handle….

While I’ve got your attention, please don’t forget that Posh Yarn is closed from August 20th – 27th, which means there is no update on Sunday August 24th.

2 thoughts on “14.08.14

  1. Hi Dee, I wish you a wonderful Holiday although it is a bit short. Thank you and Tony for all the lovely yarns you dye for us. All the best and come back full of energy Yvonne from Switzerland

  2. Does anyone else get an error as soon as this web page loads while using most current Chrome?

    The website for no reason used to do this in the past.
    In any case, fantastic write-up!