Introducing our stunning new base, Delilah Lace (she will also appear in a sock weight in a future update). Delilah is a pure tussah silk base, with a soft sueded handle, and a delicate sheen. Tussah silk is particularly suited to lace projects, as it blocks vigorously, growing up to 30% with firm blocking. Delilah Lace has 1090 yards (1000m) per 100g, and is priced at £17.00 (excluding VAT).

The shop preview is now up! We”re on Lace Week, and there’s a mouthwatering selection of yarn for you. Hope you can join us at 7pm on Sunday!


This week’s preview is up! It’s one of those updates that I love and hate all at the same time – love it, because it’s full of incredibly subtle, complex colourways, hate it, because they are so hard to capture in a photograph! I would definitely encourage you to read the descriptions this week, because some of the colourways really need to be seen in person to appreciate their complexities. I have done my little best!


Have we got a treat in store for you this week! As part of our normal shop update – Sock Week – we’re offering paired sets for the latest Boo Mystery KAL shawl. The shawl name is Ocean Breeze, and we had a lot of fun working around that theme! You can find the shawl pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ocean-breeze—midsummer-mkal

The preview is now up, take a look and see what you think….. https://poshyarn.co.uk/shop


This week’s shop preview is now up! The shop is just singing with colour. We’re on Lace Week, and we’ve got our two new heavy lace yarns for you this week, Heather Heavy Lace and Valerie Heavy Lace.

You’re probably already familiar with Valerie – very very soft, with a subtle sheen and beautiful drape. But let me describe Heather to you. Heather is a Shetland wool, and far more rustic in feel than any base we’ve done before. Shetland wool is characteristically crisp and robust, but softens and blooms as you work with it, and wash and block it. If you are used to our delicate luxury blends, this may feel surprisingly tough, but actually for a Shetland wool this yarn is fairly soft. Just don’t compare it to Natasha or Audrey! It has little to no halo, and will give great stitch definition. It also smells very very sheepy!

The shop opens on Sunday at 7pm, as usual. But in addition, we are doing a fun little orphan sale on Ravelry, all day Saturday. More details of that on the group, here.