Kitten Cats

Awww, the babies are growing up so quick. They’re nearly six months now, and will be going in for the snip-snip in a few weeks. I tried to take some photos of them this morning, but man! Its so hard to photograph animals, they don’t stay still, and I’m not a good enough photographer to know how to compensate. For every one halfway decent shot there were ten blurred shots. Very frustrating. But here are some of the not too bad ones:

Pip, bless his heart, is a little tubby. His belly is decidedly rotund. And his legs are short. As a consequence, when he sits, he rests on his belly. I’ve never known a cat do this before. But then I’ve never had a cat that was so tubby. 

This intent look was produced by dangling his favourite toy over the top of the camera. Pip is a dedicated hunter, and has a little squeaky elephant that he carries everywhere in his mouth. I throw it for him and he launches himself into midair after it, then brings it back to me to be thrown again. Wherever he is hiding in the house, all you have to do is squeak that toy, and he comes pelting to get it.  

He’s very brave, and very inquisitive. A few weeks ago, it was a chilly day, and I had the woodburner lit. And he jumped onto it. Poor sweetheart. He won’t do that twice. He didn’t seem hurt, and didn’t limp afterwards or seem in pain, but about a week later, the top layer of skin on his paw pads came off. Ouch.

Squeak looks rather anxious in this photo, and that pretty much sums him up. He’s a little worrier. The slightest noise, anything or anyone unfamiliar, and he hides under the bed. However, he becomes Very Brave whenever there is food around. He’s such a little pig (and yet is not tubby like Pip) and growls fiercely as he’s eating. And he’ll eat anything, even spicy food. But he hates the smell of pears, and hides under the bed whenever I eat one.  


He is very, very loving, and has the same trick that Snickers had, of flopping onto his back right on top of your feet, when he sees you in the morning. He has another trick, slightly less endearing, of scrabbling at the bedroom door in the dawn, wanting to be let in. He doesn’t scratch with his claws, but his little paw pads squeak against the paintwork and wake us up. When you open the door he pelts in, leaving Pip standing in the background looking all sweet and innocent.

These two are such characters, and so lovable. Jaffa is slightly better with them now, especially Pip, who always has to have a good sniff when Jaffa comes into the house. But he’s become accustomed to sleeping in the workshop now, where he has a fat pillow to sleep on, placed in the window so its in the sunshine. I think he may reconsider when the weather gets colder though. I hope so. I want to see the three of them snuggled up in front of the fire.

ETA: Today has been a bit of a breakthrough, actually! The weather here is rotten, really rainy, and Jaffa doesn’t want to be outside. He has been in three times today, staying a good hour each time, sitting on the sofa and seeming quite calm even though the kittens are in the same room. He’s having a good old lick now, with the sofa all to himself. I daren’t move in case I break the spell!!


Question: why do so many of us find it difficult to finish projects? I have a few projects that are almost finished (Swallowtail, Mountain Peaks, a pair of socks), and there they sit, collecting dust, reproaching me every time I look their way. And a quick scan of Ravelry shows that I am not alone. We all seem to have projects that are 80%, 90%, even 95% finished, and that have been that way for a long time. It would take very little effort to complete them, and yet we don’t.

Why is that? Why is it that we will put all that work into something, only to abandon it when the finish line is in sight? Is it because we don’t want the project to be over? Is it that we want it to be perfect, and would rather leave it unfinished than complete it and be disappointed because it didn’t turn out as well as we’d hoped? Is it a chronic flare up of startitis, that seems to hit at its strongest when we near the end of a project and can start thinking about our next project? Is it just boredom?

I really don’t know. So I’m turning it over to you, in the hopes that between us all we can figure out an answer. Because I’d really like to finish those unfinished projects, wouldn’t you?

ETA: If you are on Ravelry and you have lots of unfinished projects, why don’t you join Team Posh Knitters and try to get some of them finished during the Ravelympics? I’m tackling my Swallowtail in the event WIP Wrestling. That’s one way to tackle finishitis! 

More Yumminess

There might be lots and lots of scrumptious lace weight in this week’s update, but the sock knitters among us need not despair, there’s sock yarn too (including the last of our stock of Helena for the time being). And we also have a rare sighting of Sophia 6ply – I don’t normally stock that during the summer months, but I ordered a pack on the spur of the moment a few weeks ago, and we’ve put it all on this week’s update. Here are some more favourites:

Sophia 4ply Temper

Emily Devilry

Helena Blessed

Helena Arresting

Sophia 6ply Embroider

Sophia 6ply Gracious

Sophia 6ply Fib

The full shop preview is now up. We’re back to our regular sale time of 6pm on Sunday. I hope to see you then!

Cecilia, You’re Breaking My Heart

It might only be July, but already we’re looking ahead to our autumn/winter yarns. That means using up existing yarn stock to make way for new season yarns. This week, Tony dyed the last of our stock of Cecilia, and rather than eke it out over two sales, I’ve decided to list it all in one glorious cobwebby spree. Here are some of my favourite shades of Cecilia, and a particularly lovely Sophia 2ply I’ve popped in at the end:

Cecilia Gladrags

Cecilia Bliss

Cecilia Kermit

Cecilia Toast

Cecilia Herald

Cecilia Burlesque

Sophia 2ply Quadrille

More yarn previews on Friday!

Rhinebeck! Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck!!!

Our planned trip to Rhinebeck just got a whole load more exciting. Not only will I get to meet some of my favourite customers, from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand, but I get to spend some time with my adorable plucky friend, Sarah, and her family. We are planning a few days in New York with them, before driving down to Rhinebeck. While in New York we’re planning a spree here, here, here, and if we have any money/time left, maybe even here. If you listen hard enough, you may be able to hear our squealing from wherever you are in the world. It’s going to be legendary!

All that and then the joys of Rhinebeck….. does life get any better? So, Posh & Plucky customers, will you be there too?